What makes Mogu different: Part two: The Mogu Distributed Server Network

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Mogu is in the process of revolutionising the internet, adding capacity to the global server infrastructure. Part two of four.

The global shortage of server capacity is becoming acute. Mogu’s technology alleviates the pressure, which will bring down the cost and increase the speed of the internet for both consumers and professional users around the world.

This is the second of a set of four articles that look at what Mogu has to offer consumers from a variety of angles: what Mogu Smart Router does, how it works with Mogu’s distributed server network, Mogu’s revolutionary pricing structure. and finally, how Mogu can be distributed for free.

In the last article we examined the features of the Mogu Smart Router, highlighting the security and functionality that makes it a truly next generation router.

It’s what the Mogu Smart Router does when you are not using it though that makes it stand out. The team at Mogu worked out that the average domestic router is idle for around 18 hours each day, while users go out to work, sleep, cook and talk to the people that they share their lives with IRL.

Giving routers’ lives meaning

Many of us intend to switch our routers off when they are not in use, but let’s be honest, few of us get around to it. The router just sits in the corner of a room in an empty house, forlornly flashing its little lights, waiting, hoping, for someone to give it a task to add meaning to its existence.

This is where the Mogu Smart Router comes in. Rather than sitting waiting to be given something to do, Mogu’s routers add their processing capacity to the Mogu Distributed Server Network (DSN).

The DSN completes data tasks for Mogu’s government, business and research community clients, helping them analyse big data more comprehensively and significantly more cheaply than comparable tasks being carried out by traditional data service companies.

Routers that moonlight?

From the domestic router user point of view, there is no impact. Mogu Smart Routers switch tasks immediately, so they are always ready to prioritise your tasks, and because the DSN infrastructure is contained within the router, there is no potential for personal data exposure.

We’ve also ensured that there is no additional power requirement, so your electricity bills won’t go up if you decide to move to Mogu Smart Router (and when they look this good, why wouldn’t you?).

What this means is that the Mogu infrastructure could go a long way to alleviating the pressure on the current infrastructure of the internet without having to make expensive major investments into new global servers (which would also have a considerable environmental impact) or adding to household electricity bills.

In fact, as we’ll discuss in the next article, a Mogu Smart Router actually makes a positive contribution to the household finances, with users being paid for the time that their router is active in the DSN.

Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at