What makes Mogu different: Part four: Mogu, the free smart router

By November 21, 2018 No Comments

Mogu is in the process of changing the infrastructure of the internet, transforming the humble domestic smart router into something smarter. Part four of four.

Mogu is in the process of changing many things about the internet. While the wholesale change to the technology infrastructure is perhaps the most eye-catching for businesses, from a consumer point of view making the smart router generate revenue and changing how a router is owned will be the biggest changes.

This is the fourth and final part of a set of articles that look at what Mogu has to offer consumers from a variety of angles: what Mogu Smart Router does, how it works with Mogu’s distributed server network, Mogu’s revolutionary pricing structure. and finally, how Mogu can be distributed for free.

In the last article, we discussed how Mogu was going to use blockchain technology to pay Mogu users for the tasks that their smart routers completed as part of the Mogu Distributed Server Network (DSN). In this article, we’ll explain the final piece of Mogu’s business model: how ownership of a Mogu Smart Router works and how consumers can get one for free.

A free smart router

You’ll be unsurprised to hear that having said that the Mogu Smart Router is available to domestic users for free, there is a caveat: we are changing the ownership model of the domestic smart router.

During our set-up period and our initial token sale, people will be able to support Mogu by investing in our business. Rather than simply offering a share of the company and standard return on investment model, our investors will be helping us directly pay the costs of producing a Mogu Smart Router.

As a result , once a router is deployed, an investor will receive Mogu Tokens for the data tasks that that router carries out. Again this involves using blockchain technology to keep track of the activities of individual routers, and they’ll be receiving Mogu Tokens for the first five years of that router’s active life.

What this means is that when Mogu carries out data services for its clients, the payment is split three ways: to Mogu so that it can keep developing and enhancing the Mogu Smart Router and DSN, to the domestic user who provides the processing power of their smart router to complete the task, and the original investor who paid for the router to be produced in the first place.

Our system is set up so that anyone can become an investor and enjoy consistent Mogu Token returns for the tasks that a router carries out. It’s a great way for us to be able to realistically talk about delivering a global network of 100,000,000 smart routers by 2023.

But here’s where the free bit comes in: if you decide that you don’t want to fund the production of a Mogu Smart Router, you can have a router that’s been funded by someone else for free. Any you’ll still receive Mogu Tokens for the tasks that the routers in your home carry out. It will be a lower proportion of the total certainly, but you will be receiving a next generation smart router for free.

Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at