The Mogu ITS

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As the Mogu ITS approaches, we look at some of the drivers and challenges ahead

The Mogu ITS is coming soon

The Mogu ITS is different to many recent initial token sales (ITS) and initial coin offerings (ICOs) because it is backed by a stable technology that already has 5,000 active units in place.

Why are you holding the Mogu ITS?

The Mogu initial token sale (ITS) is taking place over the next couple of months. On the face of it this might seem like a risky time to embark on a journey like this, given the turmoil that we have seen on some of the cryptocurrency markets.

In reality though, the Mogu ITS has a slightly different focus and underlying value when compared to some of the activity we’ve seen over the last few months in the cryptocurrency sector. Or ITS is part of a strategy to increase investment, bolster brand awareness and attract more participants in our partner ecosystem.

Where is the demand for the Mogu ITS?

The value of the Mogu Token is based not only on how much liquidity it has on the trading markets, but also the performance of our technology. This means that there are three sources of demand for Mogu Tokens.

  • Global organisations, SMEs, governments and research communities will be using Mogu Tokens to pay for a range of services including Big Data mining, search engine optimisation, virtual private servers and networks, and stress testing.
  • There will be demand from individuals. While they’ll earn Mogu Tokens while their routers would otherwise be idle, they may have additional requirement if they want to use Mogu services such as accelerated gaming or if they need extra tokens to take advantage of the products and services offered through Mogu’s partner ecosystem.
  • Traders will be attracted to the liquidity of the Mogu Token. They will create a highly liquid market that will help the first two groups meet their requirements.
  • Why is the Mogu ITS different?

    What this means is that the Mogu ITS is different to many of the ICOs that we have witnessed over the last couple of years, a fact that we believe will help our offering stand out in a crowded market.

    Our main focus is on producing a new kind of smart router, one that will disrupt the server-space, democratise data and make the internet more affordable and accessible. Our ITS will simply help us achieve our goals.

    Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at

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