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The big data gap

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The data that humanity is creating is amazing, but we need to find more efficient, cheaper tools to analyse it if the benefits are to become universal. Mogu will solve the big data gap.

The amount of data that we are producing is increasing exponentially. And it’s not just the pure volume that’s amazing, it’s how we are learning to harness it that is going to be astonishing over the next few years. Rising demand for data analysis is forcing prices up however, creating a big data gap that is going to become more and more apparent over the next few years.

It is said that in 2017 humanity created more data than in the preceding 5,000 years. On the one hand that’s a fairly trivial fact given that we also produced more fidget spinners in 2017 than at any time during the preceding 5,000 years (and hopefully at any time during the next 5,000 years), but at the same time it is a fairly amazing statistic.

The data that is being analysed is helping in some unexpected ways. It is being used to massively improve transport efficiency in major cities across the world. It’s also being used to revolutionise agriculture, and even spot previously unimagined market gaps.

The tip of the iceberg

Despite these major leaps in productivity and innovation it is estimated that we are only actually analysing a very small proportion of total data that is currently being collected. In 2012 this proportion was suggested to be less than 1% and while you would hope that this figure would have climbed over the last six years, even if it has reached 10%, there still a lot of data that will be hiding a lot of innovations and breakthroughs.

There are two questions to ask here. Primarily, if we have achieved such fantastic leaps in productivity and innovation with a small proportion of the available big data, what could be achieved if we were able to increase the proportion?

The second question is why haven’t we been able to analyse more data?

Why is there a big data gap?

To deal with the second question first, we haven’t been able to analyse more data because data analysis tools and services are too expensive. There is massive demand for bandwidth and there is only a finite supply. As a result, prices rise and only the very largest organisations can afford to examine big data in any detail.

This big data gap is only likely to get worse, because server demand is growing exponentially and the traditional server infrastructure is struggling to keep up.

One seemingly simple answer to this would be to add more servers, but the current generation of servers are expensive to install, manage and maintain. They also come with a significant carbon footprint.

How do we bridge the big data gap?

Mogu has an alternative solution. We have developed the Mogu Smart Router, which operates like a standard domestic router when users need it. When it’s not in use domestically, it lends its processing capacity to Mogu’s distributed server network, carrying out data analysis tasks for Mogu’s clients.

This approach significantly augments the infrastructure of the internet without the need for additionally server farms. It is also achieved without adding to home users’ electricity bills and the payments we receive from Mogu’s data service clients are shared with our router users and investors, so the domestic router starts generating revenue for the home.

It’s a model that will enable us to offer data analysis at a significantly lower price compared to traditional server companies. This will mean that a far wider range of research communities and small and medium enterprises will be able to join global organisations and large governments in gaining data insights, closing the big data gap. In turn this will mean that as a global society we will be able increase the proportion of data that we can analyse in depth.

This brings us back to the first question: what could society achieve if we increased the proportion of data that we currently analyse? We can offer the tools and services needed to find the answer.

Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at


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