Mogu Q&A for Home Users

By October 10, 2018 No Comments

Mogu will transform data into knowledge, reward connectivity and revolutionise the internet, but what does this mean for the home user?

What is a Mogu Smart Router?

The world is currently locked in a very financially expensive and environmentally damaging upgrade cycle as we struggle to manage server capacity to keep up with demand.

Mogu Smart Routers offer an innovative solution.

The average domestic server is idle for around 18 hours each day while we sleep or go about our daily business. Our smart router takes advantage of this latent capacity, joining a distributed server network that can carry out data tasks on behalf of Mogu. This will create server capacity that will reduce the pressure to create and maintain server farms.

What do I get as a Mogu Smart Router user?

As a Mogu Smart Router user, you’ll get paid in Mogu Tokens, a cryptocurrency, for the time that the router is part of the network and the tasks it completes. Mogu Tokens can be spent on an expanding range of goods and services from our growing number of partners.

There’s a lot of concern about cryptocurrency at the moment. What makes the Mogu Token different?

Mogu is creating a community of partners that will offer tools and services that our customers can take advantage of with their Mogu Tokens. The list is growing as we become more established but already includes Air Asia, Steam, Zowee and Lanau Group.

Companies, governments and research communities will also be using Mogu Tokens to pay for the services that they use, so our tokens will be tradable and backed by demand.

Our product is also already live with 5,000 units live and production and distribution deals in place.

The fact that we have a market, have a broad customer base and an established product means that Mogu Tokens already have considerable backing. This makes them different from some of the cryptocurrencies that are currently out there.

Do Mogu Smart Routers use the computing power of home computers? Do home computers effectively become the servers?

No, Mogu only accesses the routers, your computers aren’t involved so no personal data is accessible to Mogu or its customers and you don’t need to keep your computer on when you are not using it.

What are the advantages for the environment?

Data centres are energy intensive; it requires energy to run the servers and even more energy to keep them cool. Our approach reduces society’s reliance on these server farms. It also breaks the upgrade cycle, removing the need to constantly upgrade servers that are obsolete almost as soon as they are installed.

For the home user, Mogu Smart Routers use the same amount of power as a domestic router in its dormant, unused mode, so there’s no domestic environmental impact.

Is this anything more than just a nice idea?

We already have a network of 5,000 servers in China as well as production and distribution agreements in place with a number of major organisations within the world’s second largest economy. Once the project is established in China, we will look to extend our reach across Asia and then ultimately the world. Our plan is to have 100,000,000 Mogu Smart Routers active by the end of 2023.

Can I add my existing router to your distributed server network?

Unfortunately not, you need to have a Mogu Smart Router.

How do I get hold of one?

There are two ways to get hold of a Mogu Smart Router. You can buy one or you can get one for free.

If you buy one, you will receive 50% of the Mogu Tokens that your router generates while it is working for the distributed server network, but if you pick one up for free, you will receive 10%. The balance of the Mogu Tokens will come to us so that we can keep refining, enhancing and innovating.

Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at www.mogutech.io.