Mogu Press Pack, August 2018

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Why does Mogu exist?

Global server capacity is very tight, restricting computational capacity, and driving up prices for data analysis and services.

Advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality are increasing pressure on servers.

Traditional server-based infrastructure:

● is capital intensive
● creates conditions that are ripe for the growth of oligopolies
● is costly to maintain
● has a significant carbon footprint
● is complex to manage
● is hard to scale

Meanwhile, the average domestic router sits idle for 18 hours per day as users sleep or go to work. As well as being a waste of capacity, this also has significant environmental cost.

The Mogu Smart Server resolves these issues. It’s a domestic router that switches to become part of the Mogu Distributed Server Network (DSN) when not in use. This creates a new level of infrastructure that delivers the internet more quickly. It also means that we can offer data services to clients such as global corporations, governments, SMEs and research communities at a significantly reduced cost.

What does Mogu do?

Mogu’s distributed server network removes the need for traditional server infrastructure by delivering data processing capacity from a domestic router.

In return for letting their Mogu Smart Routers join the distributed server network, users are financially rewarded in Mogu Tokens, a crypto currency that can be spent on goods and services from our partners within the Mogu ecosystem. Tokens can also be spent on gaming acceleration, so that games run with significantly less lagging.

Global enterprises, governments, SMEs and research communities will be able to use the server capacity to carry out Big Data tasks, search engine optimisation analysis and accurate stress testing. These activities can be carried out at a far lower cost than is currently possible.

Our clients will only be able to pay for services with Mogu Tokens, which will create healthy demand and a lively secondary market.

Solving the challenge

Mogu solves three major challenges:

  1. The affordability gap: By paying router users and investors for the time that their Mogu Smart Routers are part of the distributed server network, Mogu offers a real term reduction in the domestic price of internet access.
  2. The infrastructure gap: Mogu’s distributed server network removes the need for expensive traditional server-based infrastructure.
  3. The data gap: Mogu can offer enhanced methods to collect, store and analyse Big Data without the costs associated with traditional server infrastructure, so data analysis will be available at a far lower price than traditional competitors.

How do we stand out?

Unlike many similar projects, Mogu is already well past the development stage. We have had 5,000 beta-test Mogu Smart Routers live since the end of 2017. We also have production and distribution agreements in place for minimum capacity of 500,000 routers per month, and so will be ready to move quickly once we have secured investment for the next stage of our development.

This will occur once we have completed our initial token sale (ITS) in the autumn of 2018. Our ambition is to attract enough investment to produce three million Mogu Smart Routers during 2019.

Who does it help?

● Domestic internet users
● Governments
● Potential internet users (currently priced out of internet usage)
● SMEs
● Global enterprises
● Research communities
● Blockchain community

Key messaging audiences

  • Mogu is revolutionising the infrastructure of the internet
  • Mogu is using domestic routers’ idle capacity (estimated to be 18 hours per day) to create a distributed server network that will ease pressure on internet infrastructure
  • Mogu users are paid for the time that their routers join the distributed server network
  • Mogu is disrupting through distribution by growing scalable server infrastructure via an affordable household product.
  • Mogu’s data services will challenge incumbents. By avoiding standard infrastructure, we can offer in-depth data services at a significantly reduced price
  • Mogu’s approach is significantly more environmentally friendly than the current infrastructure

Achievements to date

Mogu has been active since 2015 and was independently valued at USD113m in Q3 2017.

We already have 5,000 stable, robust units active across China, and have significant production and distribution agreements in place. This means we are ready to move to the next phase of our development as soon as we achieve our ITS targets.

Who are we

Founded and backed by a team of technology and financial markets experts, Mogu is in the process of delivering genuine transformation to the server services sector. Mogu’s next generation Smart Router is already live with more than 5,000 units across China and the company has been independently valued at USD113m, reflecting its innovative technology, market opportunity and ambitious growth plans.

Mogu is part of the Charter Group, which includes CharterPrime, CharterMarkets and Charter Aero.

Leadership team


Key ITS timings

Q4 2017: 5,000 beta units completed
Current, 2018: Private sale
February 01, 2019: Pre-sale begins
March 01, 2019: ITS begins

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