Mogu to Start Smart Router Production in Mid 2019 After Establishing Strategic Partnership with Eunex

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SINGAPORE, 15th April 2019 – Mogu Technologies has just announced a partnership with Eunex, a leading digital asset exchange, which will see the entire Mogu Token allocation being offered on Eunex’s platform to their global community and userbase as an exclusive Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This ties in to the start of the Mogu Smart Router™ production within the quarter, with the aim to get the next batch of routers into homes by Q3 2019.

With the Mogu Smart Router™, Mogu envisions a more affordable, accessible and connected internet across the globe. The router realises this by utilising unused processing capacity to run server services for Mogu’s clients, dramatically reducing the price and enhancing the speed of analysis. The revenue garnered from these tasks is then shared with consumers when the server is connected to the distributed server network.

With manufacturing expected to kick off within this quarter, the Mogu Smart Router™ has passed the development stage and already has a network of 5,000 active beta routers across China. Mogu has significant production and distribution agreements in place to ensure continued expansion with a production and distribution capacity of up to 500,000 routers per month, starting from China with the aim of expanding further throughout South East Asia, Japan, and Korea and eventually globally.

“The IEO will fund further router production and investors will enjoy passive income from the tools and services that are offered on the distributed server network. We aim to produce 100 million Mogu Smart Routers™ by year 2023,” said Sam Hourigan, Head of Business Development at Mogu.

The smart router company has been active since 2015 and was independently valued at USD208 million in Q4 2018. Founded and backed by a team of technology and financial markets experts, Mogu is in the process of delivering genuine transformation to the server services sector.


EUNEX Group was first established in 2018, envisioned to be a part of the ever-growing and evolving industry with our focus on utility and security digital assets. EUNEX offers a comprehensive range of product and services that include digital asset trading, margin trading, social trading, start-up accelerator and digital asset wallet.

EUNEX’s mission is to humanise digital asset services across Europe and Asia, by providing access to digital asset services to the people at good terms, and always prioritising asset security to the community. EUNEX’s goal is to provide a suitable tool for people to participate in new digital economy and at the same time, to provide knowledge to projects that are in line with Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG AGENDA 2030).


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