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The Internet’s Carbon Footprint

By November 26, 2018 No Comments

The internet’s carbon footprint is significant. Mogu will help it tread more lightly.

The world is in a difficult position: On the one hand, the internet has been a force for good in so many ways, but at the same time, its power requirements are adding to the environmental challenges that we all face. Mogu would like to propose a solution.

Ask the head of a server company how fast their servers are, and they’ll probably answer you to the nearest millisecond. Ask them what their upgrade cycle is, and they will give you an equally precise answer.

Ask them how much energy their server farms consume, and they are likely to suddenly become coy. They will talk confidently about the green initiatives that their company has committed to, how their executive chair is made of 73.78% recycled materials and their commitment to be carbon neutral by 2036, but concrete public statements about the size of a company’s energy bill or carbon footprint are few and far between.

Apples, pears and carbon footprints

To be fair, it would be a complicated process to collect the electricity bills of all the global subsidiaries and add them up in a meaningful way that takes into account foreign exchange fluctuations and a myriad of other factors. Particularly when none of their competitors publish numbers like that and if they did you’d end up in a situation where you’d be trying to compare apples with pears and you’d spend so long trying to make sense of it all you’d forget what you were trying to prove in the first place.

In all likelihood though, any number that could be produced would be very large. It also seems unlikely to stop growing as the load on the internet’s infrastructure continues to increase. The Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, holographic video [], big data analysis… the list of technologies that require internet bandwidth is growing, so the energy demands on the existing infrastructure is unlikely to plateau in the near future.

The problem is that there are some very significant repercussions of this voracious appetite for power. Many nations suffer from air quality problems that result of burning fossil fuels to create energy which is converted into power, some of which is used keep our servers cool and operating at peak efficiency.

In short, we need to keep developing, which requires more power, but we need to do it in a way that reduces the environmental impact.

A lighter carbon footprint

Mogu has developed a technology that will slash the power requirements of the global internet infrastructure without constraining growth or technological advancement.

Mogu Smart Routers provide fast, secure internet access to domestic routers. They are a significant enhancement on the current generation of routers in several ways, but their environment credentials really make them stand out.

The average domestic router is basically idle of around 18 hours each day as users sleep, go to work and go about our daily lives. Mogu Smart Routers sense when they are not in use and add their processing power to Mogu’s distributed server infrastructure, significantly bolstering the capacity of the internet’s infrastructure.

This offers three advantages from an environmental perspective:

  1. There is no change in the power requirement of an idle domestic router compared to our smart routers when they are active on the distributed server network
  2. There is no additional cooling needed to keep the routers cool, so the significant power required to keep a server farm cool is removed
  3. The addition of Mogu Smart Routers to the global internet infrastructure will reduce the pace of the server upgrade cycle, removing the environmental cost of constantly upgrading servers

Mogu already has a stable network of 5,000 smart routers that are adding their capacity to the internet’s infrastructure. Our goal is to have 100,000,000 in operation by 2023.

The environmental aspects of Mogu’s infrastructure are just one of the advantages we offer businesses, governments, individuals and communities. If you’d like to find out more, please go to our website.

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