How Does Mogu Help Domestic Internet Users? Part Two

By November 26, 2018 No Comments

The Mogu Smart Router will help current internet users by bolstering their security and control. Here’s how.

When you look at the internet, there are broadly two types of customer, retail and wholesale. Retail users need the internet for simple domestic and professional purposes, doing the shopping, updating the online resume, booking holidays and watching cat videos, while wholesale users use the internet for data analysis.

In these two articles, we will explain how the Mogu infrastructure helps two categories of domestic user: those that already have the internet and those that have been priced out of it up to now. This article focuses on how Mogu helps people that already have the internet, but if you would like to know how Mogu helps people that don’t currently use the internet, please follow this link.

Augmenting the internet for people already using it

There are several reasons why people are going to want to switch from their current router to a Mogu Smart Router. One of the most compelling, as we discussed in the last article is the way that Mogu users enjoy genuine returns for the time that their routers add their processing power to Mogu’s distributed server network.

The Mogu Smart Router is also at the leading edge of performance, supporting lightning-fast network speeds of 1,200Mbps, but there are two other strong reasons for switching to a Mogu Smart Router: enhanced security and vastly superior control.

More secure access

From a security point of view, the Mogu Smart Router introduces a new checkpoint for data coming into and out of the home network. Rather than relying on all the individual laptops, desktops, phablets and phones (not to mention the growing number of devices connected to the Internet of Things) to have up-to-date security in place, the Mogu Smart Router includes active security measures to protect your home network.

Using our smart phone app you can also check network status from anywhere you like, and can quickly prevent and block malicious connections.

These security measures complement and augment your network’s existing security, providing an additional level of safety for users. They are automatically updated when the router connects to the network, so domestic users don’t need to fiddle around managing and updating a Mogu Smart Router’s security.

More control over who has access

With the current generation of routers, you have very little control over who has access to your network. With A Mogu Smart Router, you can use our smart phone app to control who has access to your router, when and what they are doing when they are on your network. You can see instantly whether your child has turned their phone back on when they are supposed to have gone to bed or whether your neighbour is using your bandwidth to download films without your permission. You can keep absolute control over your data usage and even see which sites are using the most of your bandwidth.

Despite all of these features, we have focused on making the router simple to set up and manage. You can set it up with two simple steps, so you can be up and running in a flash.

Without getting too salesy, we believe that the technical, security and control features, the ease of set-up, as well as the fact that you are rewarded for connectivity, make compelling reasons for switching to a Mogu Smart Router. We look forward to explaining more as our global roll-out continues.  

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