How Does Mogu Help Domestic Internet Users? Part One

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The Mogu Smart Router will help potential internet users that have previously been priced out of the market. Here’s how.

When you look at the internet, there are broadly two types of customer, retail and wholesale. Retail users need the internet for simple domestic and professional purposes, doing the shopping, updating the online resume, booking holidays and watching cat videos, while wholesale users use the internet for data analysis.

In these two articles, we will explain how the Mogu infrastructure helps two categories of domestic user: those that already have the internet and those that have been priced out of it up to now. This time we are looking at those that have been priced out of internet use, but if you’d like to understand how Mogu helps people that already have the internet, please follow this link.

Supporting those priced out of the retail sector

There are several reasons why people might get priced out of domestic internet access, but the most common is a lack of bandwidth in a country’s infrastructure which forces the price of access up.

When domestic prices are high, there is little incentive for national authorities to put the infrastructure in place to create a robust domestic network because even if the internet was brought to every door, individuals would be unlikely to buy it because log-in prices would still be too expensive.

The internet brings a range of social, economic and developmental benefits so it is increasingly important to change this scenario if we are to avoid exacerbating the growing global gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Rewarding connectivity

In this situation Mogu’s unique approach helps in two ways. When it is not in use, the Mogu Smart Router adds its processing power to Mogu’s distributed server network, which is then used to carry out big data analysis and other processing tasks for Mogu’s wholesale clients. Given that the average domestic router is idle for around 18 hours per day as users are at work, sleeping or going about their daily business, Mogu Smart Routers can be working in this way for a considerable amount of time.

In return, Mogu Smart Router users are rewarded in Mogu Tokens, which can be spent on a range of exclusive products and services on Mogu’s growing partner ecosystem.

There is no additional power requirement from a Mogu Smart Router compared to a standard router, so this means is that the real cost of internet is reduced for retail users.

Solving the lack of infrastructure

As well as reducing the cost of domestic internet access, Mogu Smart Routers also solve the infrastructure problem.

Operating as part of the global distributed server network removes the need for traditional server farms which are capital intensive, costly to maintain and expensive to manage. Alongside the considerable environmental benefits, reducing reliance on these traditional servers from a national infrastructure perspective also means that the price of internet can be reduced for both retail and wholesale users because there’s no need to pay for the hardware.

We believe that reducing the real cost of internet access and removing the reliance on traditional, costly infrastructure will help spread the benefits of the internet far further, and far more quickly, than has been the case up to now.

Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at


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