How a Mogu Smart Router makes the internet cheaper

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How the Mogu Smart Router and the Mogu Distributed Server Network combine to make the internet cheaper

The internet has changed so many things, but pricing is uneven across the world, making it difficult for people in some countries to take advantage of the technology’s social and economic advances. The Mogu Smart Router is set to change that.


It’s regularly pointed out quite how revolutionary the internet has been for the world. For a hundred or so dollars, you can walk out of a shop with a product that gives you access to pretty much the sum of human knowledge.


If it were stored in book form, you’d need a shelf the length of the Great Wall of China to store the information that is available in seconds on our smartphones, tablets and computers.


Want to know what the weather’s like on the other side of the world? A quick search and a couple of clicks. Want to know what the weather was like on the other side of the world on September 9th, 1973? A quick search and three clicks at most. It’s all there to be found.

Two challenges for the internet

There are two problems though.

Firstly, there is the server issue. In order to keep up with demand, we are in a constant battle to build quicker servers and more storage capacity. This constant server upgrade cycle is unbelievably environmentally damaging, but until recently, there hasn’t been an alternative if we want to enjoy the benefits of the internet.

As a society we are having to invest more and more in making sure that there is enough server capacity to keep up with demand while at the same time investigating more and more novel ways of keeping the ever-growing systems cool. A recent of example of this is Microsoft’s Project Natick, which is sinking servers on the sea bed to take advantage of the water as opposed to forced air to cool servers [Project Natick:]. This and other projects are fascinating scientifically, really pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. It could be argued though that there must be a better way.

The second problem is the price of accessing the internet for consumers. While an internet enabled hardware can be relatively inexpensive, the cost of actual access to the internet can be significantly heavier on the wallet, particularly in the developing world where infrastructure is less embedded.

There are also significant fluctuations in the price of internet access between countries. For example, despite vying to replace the US as the world’s largest economy, China ranks 45th in terms of internet affordability, with domestic internet costing up to 10% of the average family’s monthly salary. Again, there is surely a way of making pricing more even globally.

Mogu offers a solution

The good news is that there is a solution to both challenges, and it doesn’t involve major, disruptive or expensive restructuring of the internet.

Mogu has developed the Mogu Smart Router and the Mogu Distributed Server Network (DSN). Working together, the Mogu infrastructure takes advantage of the 18 hours each day that the average domestic router sits idle while people rest, go to work and are otherwise engaged.

While Mogu Smart Router is not performing domestic internet tasks, it joins the DSN, completing data tasks for Mogu’s clients. This adds server capacity and alleviates pressure on the traditional global server infrastructure. This should in turn slow down the expensive and environmentally damaging server upgrade cycle.

By removing the need for costly server infrastructure, the Mogu approach will make it cheaper for infrastructure to be set up, even in developing nations that have until now struggled to offer consistent, cost-effective internet infrastructure.

Mogu means you get paid

Mogu has also looked at the cost structure of domestic internet access and come up with something new.

Rather than buying a router and paying a monthly fee for access to the internet, users will be paid for the tasks that their Mogu Smart Routers complete while they are connected to the DSN.

Payment will be received in the form of Mogu Tokens, a form of crypto currency that can be exchanged for goods and services with the growing list of partners that are forming the Mogu eco-system.

It’s a different approach to fog computing, which turns individual computers into mini servers: the Mogu infrastructure goes no further than the router, reducing the risk that domestic networks could be compromised.

This will genuinely bring down the cost of the internet for domestic consumers all over the world.

Mogu is a smart router company that is reimagining the infrastructure of the internet. Mogu will shortly be holding its Initial Token Sale. For further details, please follow us @MoguTech or subscribe to updates at