Marketing Manager – English

Mogu is a rising start-up in the cloud infrastructure space. We believe diverse teams build better products. Period. 

We are seeking a social media manager for our 2020 expansion. 

Who You Are:
You’re an experienced, passionate social media and marketing manager who develops and executes comprehensive social media plans, drafting expert content for Chinese speaking audiences. As our social media manager, you …

  • Compose Captivating Content, writing professional short-form copy for Chinese speaking audiences.
  • Work Independently, constructing an effective strategy to tackle all our social media content. 
  • Maintain Perfect Grammar, never dropping a participle and evangelising for (or against) the Oxford comma.
  • Grasp Platform Landscapes, fully appreciating how audience expectations on Twitter differ from those on Telegram or WeChat.
  • Love Humour and Wit, knowing when to sound professional and when to cheerfully play with our audience.  
  • Think Creatively, executing new ideas to keep our audiences engaged and excited about our product.
  • Collaborate Internally, communicating effectively with our business team to keep track of news-worthy events and guiding our design team to create beautiful social media assets.
  • Speak Chinese fluently, conversing easily with our diverse team and followers from around the globe to maintain a seamless public image of our technology and team.
  • Benchmark Traffic, providing hard data for the traffic across all our social media platforms and the impact and reach of our campaigns.
  • Report to Leadership, sending informative and transparent bi-weekly reports to internal stakeholders.
  • Organise Effectively, providing clear and concise internal structure to help seamlessly on-board new team members.

Work for Mogu. We’re Awesome.

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Type: Full Time

Location: China

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